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Specsavers Optical Group Ltd is a British multinational optical retail chain, which operates mainly in the UK, Ireland, Australasia and the Nordic countries. The chain offers optician services for eyesight testing and sells glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. It also sells hearing aids.

A very upset customer mentioned, "Specsavers in Bromley do not know what customer service is. They broke my glasses and did not inform they had to be sent back. When they were ready as in last posting had to queue for ages and no one seemed to be monitoring customers who were waiting. Complained about their service and eventually they offered me a pair of reading glasses to the value of the frames I had bought. Lockdown happened and I went back a few months later and they had no record of that offer and revised their offer. Picked a frame which I liked and assistant was about to process order but then I was told I could not have them as they were in the wrong stand. Complained to their head office in Guernsey who were very polite and forwarded my complaint back again to Bromley and still waiting to hear from them but I know I never will."


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Current Employee - Optical Assistant says

"Get a new career before. It is too late"

Former Employee - Optical Assistant says

"customer is always right, managment dont care, unrealistic hours, customers can be horrible, overcharging, no progression"

Former Employee - Optical Assistant says

"Rude & unfriendly management, nepotism, blame culture, poor pay, more loyalty to highly paid locums over employed staff. No sick pay or Maternity pay"

Former Employee - Retail Store Manager says

"Company who just think about making money and have absolutely no care for their employees"

Former Employee - Optical Assistant says

"Management bully and Pick there fav"

Current Employee - Optical Assistant says

"No progression routes, have certain favourites, hire a lot of family who always get priority, always short staffed so holidays are hard to get, bad workers are praised and good workers go unnoticed, favour particular backgrounds, customer service is not important, always made to feel like you owe them as they hired you and they done you a favour"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Disingenuous Clicky Corporate with cottage industry mentality Lack of accountability"

Former Employee - Audiologist says

"As an autonomous fully qualified professional; your work is monitored appointment by appointment, even down to the wording you use. Text messages out of work hours, late at night and early mornings.. and while on annual leave or off sick! Power struggle between directors. If you director is not liked by other spokes then your life will be made very difficult! Customer care is poor. You are not in control of your own diary. Uniform is poor quality. Will try not to pay you fuel for home visits. Managent shy away from dealing with complaints. Ok for a newly qualified to gst started but I would not advise an experienced dispenser to take on this role. Promise of CPD and not delivering.. Promise of bonus and not delivering."

Former Employee - Optocal Assistant says

"Too many, no work life balance, poor wages, too many managers, bullying, the list goes on"

Former Employee - Optometrist says

"If you apply to specsavers as a shop floor staff to optometrist, you will feel like youre cattle being pushed and shoved into a high pressured environment. From an optometrists perspective- specsavers rely on high volume, you will be pulled in for not converting. Eg even if a child does not need glasses. Salary is based on performance and unless you do 25+ a day your salary will be poor. management have an underlying hate and its usually shown through a superiority complex. A company I would never be a resident for ever again."

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for 3 different specsavers and was hoping when I left the previous specsavers that the new one I was going to would be better. How wrong was I. No one seems to care about staff being unhappy at work and directors just don't care. Certain members of staff can get away with sitting at the desk all day doing nothing also lots of favoratism going on. All the directors are concerned about is making money. I refuse to sell a product to someone when they don't need it just to line the directors pocketsNoneTool long to list"

Dispenser (Former Employee) says

"A toxic work environment, no respect for your opinions. Very much a clique environment. If your face fits then you are fine. You are expected to give but received nothing in return."

FSS Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I have accepted an offer at Specsavers in February 2020 and had given my notice for my current employer so I can start in March, however, after just 3 days of working there they laid me off - stating the reason is the Corona virus pandemic and they want to move all staff to work from home and since I was a new starter they cannot offer me this as I am not trained for the job. I found this extremely unprofessional and rude especially because other people who were also new starters they have had the possibility to conduct training online while at home, safe. However, they decided to get rid of me after 3 days! I gave up my previous job to work for Specsavers and they didn't even bother to come up with a solution so I can be trained online - as other companies did. I gave 1 star as in my opinion this is a terrible thing to do - especially in this pandemic. I have been left jobless for 5 months because of that.Office locationVery low salary, job security, management"

optical assistant (Former Employee) says

"No loyalty from this company no matter how hard you work. Dont pay bonus that should be given to staff its kept by the Directors. Staff pay is well below industry standardsnoneEverything about working for them"

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This place is an absolute disgrace, I seriously wouldn't advise working here. Bunch of bullies who get their kicks from treating staff like dirt. The things I witnessed would turn your hair grey.noneDisgrace to opticians"

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you like working for minimum wage with very little training then this is the job for you. You are expected to do 2 peoples jobs but only get paid for one management do very little in the way of training you and just expect you to know it"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I would never ever recommend working at enterprise 5 Idle Bradford theres institutionalised bully from the top all the way down, they flout health and safety Its by far the worse job i have had in the past 30+ years, stay clear is my advice!"

Diagnostic Assistant (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst run businesses in the UK, just terrible, under paid for what is expected would not recommend it. The Managers are generally shocking, one manager has no idea what they are doing, a piece of wood would be effective."

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The worst place I have ever worked. Directors/managers treated employees as if we worked in a sweat shop in a 3rd world country & spoke to us the same way. No interest in you or your well being. Dare you have illness or a death in your family - you would be lucky if they even acknowledge it. Employees constantly off sick or leaving. Managers and Directors expect your all, but make it clear their will not be doing the same for you."

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy extremely fast paced, unorganised, lack of team spirit environments.. then this is the place to be. You will be expected to carry a big load, so you must be of strong mind and character and resistant to people who have lack of values for the older generation . Management will turn a blind eye to unprofessional behaviour because no one wants to think their company is not doing the right thing! You will have to be assertive with your own learning as everyone passes the buck. If you can overlook all these unsavoury characteristics, then this job is for you. Good Luck!"

Optical Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Greedy directors who belittle staff infront of colleagues and customers. Poor weak management and staff that leave rather than stand up to them. Don't ever get involved with this company."

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Go work for literally any other optical company. MK and Newport Pagnell are the same people FYI. The dispensing opticians think they're elite, the options are more concerned with their lunch and holidays. Not disabled friendly. No customer loo, so they get traipsed through the ridiculously tiny staffroom where you feel like a zoo animal and you can hear everything! The pay is the lowest of all optical companies and the training is zilch."

Store Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"When I joined, about 15 years ago, it was a fantastic place to work. There was a structured training scheme with pay increments as you progressed. This proved too costly, so a generic training scheme was put in place that didn’t reward knowledge or learning. The business went from group owned to franchised, and the rot started. All the good managers left, only to be replaced by bullies and narcissists. The new directors were a joke, one of whom knew as much about the business the day he left as he did the day he started, a fat smelly joke who everyone despised. His he/she replacement has proved to be mentally unbalanced and damaging the brand and the profession. The managers are weak jokes, they are either not allowed or unable to make any decisions. Morale within the business is terrible, there is a toxic blame culture and everyone is either leaving or trying to leave."

Contact Lens Supervisor/Optical Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Loved the place and the people however one director was a bully and upset many staff members who all left due to her myself included. It was overlooked/missed by other director who was amazing to work for. Pay is very poor, worked there 8 years and never had a pay rise, one senior management been there 12 years also no pay rise."

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Clear favouritism. If you’re not in the ‘in crowd’ you get left out. As soon as management has one opinion of you it wouldn’t change. Directors spending store money on going out for food. Get guilted for having time off sick, even if you have completely valid reasons and went to a doctor. I cried multiple times due to the management there. Since leaving specsavers I’ve begun working for a much nicer place ."

Spectacle advisor (Current Employee) says

"This is nothing but slavery too many customers not enough staff and ignorant mangers . We all get paid differently yet all do the same work some more than others ...avoid you would earn more money on the dole"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"racist and disgusting managers, always targetting me even though i have the highest stats of bookings in the building. horrendous behaviour. would not recommend"

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No proper management, staff at the store in my area where awful, especially when people may be going through a hard time. No work/home life balance at all really."

Optical Assistant-part-time (Former Employee) says

"If your face doesn’t fit, don’t think you’ll be treated kindly or fairly..management and 1 optometrist ruthless bullies..left work in tears most days.NoneHeartless bully management"

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place, there's too much to do and not enough staff. You're expected to know literally everything about anything but get paid poorly. The managers barely know what they're talking about and will pass angry customers onto anyone rather than dealing with it themselves training is poor and everyone is miserable working there.The people who work there are lovelyManagers and directors are horrible and barely know what's actually going on in their own store, low pay for what you're expected to know and do, no work life balance"

Kevin Francis Tully says

"Had eye test with these but didn't like any frames so went to a local firm who specialise in frames and lenses, this firm has over 80 years experience between 3 people and been trading since 1987, when they had done my glasses per Specsavers prescription I said to them i feel they are a little blurred looking outside? they asked me to persevere as it was a new script for me? after 3 months nothing was clear i was squinting trying to focus and my eyes were running,went back and they said yu must have the wrong script as we have done them right advised me to get another eye test off Specsavers which i did,low and behold the wrong script? Specsavers admitted the wrong script but insisted it was dispensers fault? will not re emberse me? this firm is a shambles on the phone it's like talking to the speaking clock? the only thing that changes is the time Cleveleys STAY AWAY FROM SPECSAVERS"

Jacqueline Proctor says

"Really messed about, wrong prescription given, had to have a second test, glasses not good, glasses not ready, not put in post, when I got the second pair of glasses they were no better than the first ones that were wrong. I won’t be going back there again. I can’t see to read properly and paid over £120.00 for the glasses I am going to ask for a refund. I can see better from a £1.50 supermarket pair."

Leiba Felix says

"I had to return to the store on a number of occasions before I was able to get my glasses. There was never an admission that the problem, was the staff just not listening to my concerns that my original glasses were not functioning as they should."

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